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Maister`s Swamp flock was founded in 1969, after the present property was purchased by Bob & Pat Watson. Flock ewes were purchased from leading local flocks. From 1969 till 1991, rams of a Merryville blood background were used.



2011  Canberra GSSM Show

AP 78 Champion March shorn superfine Poll Ewe, 2tooth 


2011 Stanthorpe Show 

MD 123    Champion superfine Ram, Reserve Grand Champion Ram.   URM 97 Champion finewool Ram. JH 215 Champion fine medium Ram, Reserve junior Champion Ram.    GD 236  Champion fine wool Ewe, Reserve Grand Champion Ewe.      MD 97   Reserve Champion extra superfine Ewe. BY 21   Reserve Champion fine wool Ewe, Reserve Champion junior Ewe. BY 3   Champion fine medium Ewe. Most successful exhibitor.

Wool section:

Grand Champion Rams fleece, Reserve Grand Champion fleece of the show, Champion fleece in the open wool section.


2011 Uralla Show

Champion pairs of fleece, Champion 1kg sample, Champion Rams Fleece, Champion Fleece in open section.


2011 Guyra Show

Champion Housed Fleece, Reserve Grand Champion Rams Fleece, Champion Hoggets Fleece, Reserve Champion Hogget Commercial Fleece.


2011 Australian Sheep & Wool Show Bendigo VIC

Sheep results:

Reserve Champion Superfine Ewe August shorn restricted section.

1st place 6tooth Ultrafine Ram restricted section.

3rd place Ultrafine Poll Ewe open section March shorn.

3rd place Superfine Poll Ewe open section August shorn.

Fleece results:

Reserve Champion extra ultrafine fleece, 14.6 microns.


2011 Sydney Royal Easter Show

Sheep Results:                                

1st place 2tooth Finewool Ram JH 215 March shorn.

2nd place 2tooth Finewool Poll Ewe AP 78 March shorn.

2nd place 4tooth Finewool Ewe GD 236 March shorn.

3rd place 6tooth Superfine Ram URM 97 August shorn.

3rd place 2tooth Ultrafine Ram MD 180 August shorn.

4th place Ultrafine Ram MD 171 March shorn.

Fleece Results:

Most Successful Merino Fleece Exhibitor Fleece Section. Thomas Farquarson Hodgson Memorial Perpetual Trophy.

Best Collection of three Spinners Merino Type Fleeces. Unhoused and Housed. The Australian Council of Wool Exporters Perpetual Prize.

Blade Shearing JH 215 2tooth finewool Ram, cutting 9.4kg @ 18.1 micron.


2012 Canberra GSSM Show

Champion superfine Poll Merino Ewe. 6tooth BP 54



Sheep Results: 

Reserve Grand Champion superfine Poll Ewe

Grand Champion superfine March shorn Poll Ewe

2nd in the objective section of 4tooth and under, our ewe (GSB 0002) 2tooth cutting 6.9kg @ 13.6 micron fleece value $165.79

Wool Results:

Most successful exhibitor Thomas Farquhar Hodgson Trophy 

Most successful exhibitor in housed and unrugged fleece classes Cliff Friend Trophy

Champion merino rams spinners fleece in open class

Best collection of 3 spinners fleece

2nd in the objective section of 4tooth and under, our ewe (GSB 0002) 2tooth cutting 6.9kg @ 13.6 micron fleece value $165.79




















David & Georgina with the Champion superfine wool March shorn Poll Ewe which also received the Reserve Grand Champion superfine Poll Ewe.



2012 Australian Sheep & Wool Show Bendigo

GB 20 1st place in superfine restricted 

BY 100 1st place in fine wool Ram restricted, Champion restricted fine wool Ram.

GB 24 1st place in fine wool Ewe restricted, Reserve Champion fine wool Ewe in restricted section.


2013 Stanthorpe Show

Grand Champion Rams fleece

Champion Commercial fleece

Reserve Grand Champion Ram

Reserve Grand Champion Ewe


2013 Tenterfield Show 

Grand Champion fleece of the show

Reserve Grand Champion fleece of the show 

Champion pairs

Reserve grand Champion Ram fleece of the show

Grand Champion Hogget fleece

Most Successful Exhibitor


2013 Sydney Royal  

Wool section: Most successful Exhibitor Thomas Farquhar Hodgson Memorial Perpetual Trophy (3 years running). 

Most successful Unhoused unrugged section Cliff Friend Award.

Woodside Trophy Champion Topmakers Fleece.

Champion Spinners Ram Fleece.

Sheep section: Champion Superfine August Shorn Poll Merino Ewe.

Reserve Champion March Shorn Poll Merino Ram.


























2014 Canberra GSSM Show

BX 290 2 tooth, Reserve Champoin Superfine Poll Ram.

1st place Ewe.

3rd place Ewe.



2014 Uralla Show 

Junior Merino ewe of the show. BX 268

2nd place in the pen of 3 Merino Sheep.

Reserve Champion finewool Poll Ram. BY 111

Champion  Superfine Ewe. BX 268

Reserve Champion Supefine Ewe. MRF 2

Champion Finemedium Ewe. BX 270



















2014 Sydney Royal 

Wool section: Most successful Exhibitor Award 4th year running.

Most successful in Unhoused & Unrugged section.    


                                                                                                     Congratulations to clients Steve & Robyn Johnston                                                                                                            "Oakhurst" Deepwater, on winning the                                                                                                                           England wether trial @ Glen Innes. Maister`s Swamp                                                                                                        first amongst 25 bloodlines.                                       



























Sophie judging wool in the state fleece competion.






Sophie won the 2015 State Sheep handling competition, then went on and came 5th in the Nationals.

                                                                                                                        Georgina won 5th place in wool handling, 

                                                                                                                        second place in sheep judging to give her

                                                                                                                        an overall 4th place in 2015 for the NRBA.








Above David receiving the Most Successful Merino Fleece Thomas Farquhar Hodgson Award with Peter Ackroyd from AWTO.


Sophie with her 2nd place Junior Sheep Handlers Award at Sydney Royal Easter Show .

Isabella with P42 Champion Superfine August shorn Poll Merino Ewe


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Above the Sydney Royal 2018.

Sophie at the AWEX woolclassing competition 2018.

D.A.S Campbell prize for the woolclassing  2018.

Top graduate of NSW Woolclassing in 2018.

Top Graduate of TAFE NEW ENGLAND ARMIDALE for Woolclassing 2018.






2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show:

Champion commercial topmakers 

fleece below left.

 The Thomas Farquhar Hodgson Memorial Trophy,

The most successful exhibitor fleece competition below right.

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