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Glanna Director (Ringmaster Superior 12th) Dam: ARM Ringmaster family

Glanna MD (Ringmaster Superior 12th) Dam: SB4F family

Glanna DJ (Ringmaster Superior 12th) Dam: Jumbo family


Yoorooga 43 D (Yoorooga/Merryville family)


Hillcreston Super Snowy


Hillcreston Lord Andrew




Merryville Ringmaster

Merryville Brilliant Example

Gilgunyah Supreme Monarch

Glanna Director (Ringmaster Superior 12th)

Glanna Director 2nd (Ringmaster Superior 12th)


Glanna MD (Ringmaster Superior 12th)xSB4F Dam


Glanna DJ (Ringmaster Superior 12th)xJumbo Dam


Merryville MRF (Ringmaster 35th)


Merryville 2FR  (Francesco 2nd)

Merryville Brilliant Example

Greenland Kato 4th










Glanna Jumbo Loose

Glanna SBS

Glanna Jumbo Melbourne

Glanna 5SB

Glanna 12GSB

Merryville Brilliant Monarch 9th

Glanna 41 F

Merryville EF 

Merryville EM

Merryville 14th 2nd








Glanna SBS

 Glanna DJ

 Glanna 4 XB

 Glanna GS

 Glanna 12 GSB








Glanna Jumbo Heavy

Glanna MGM 

Glanna SMM

Glanna Jumbo Loose

Glanna SBS 

Merryville Magnussen









Glanna 2 GP


Glanna MQP


Glanna AP


Glanna AQP


Glanna BP

Glanna GP


Glanna MP


 Merryville  MRP (Ringmaster 5th)


Alfoxton ALC



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