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 Armidale Housed Ram Sale 1st February 2012


Superfine Stud Horned Ram  BY 1 


SOLD: $2,500.00 Bruce & Anita Taylor "The Hill" Terrible Vale Kentucky NSW.

Woolcut 10.5kg



On Property Ram Sale 9th February 2012



SOLD   57 sold 63 Rams offered. 90 % clearance.

Average price $925.00.


Top price Horned Ram lot no 18

2tooth Ram (BY 77) $2,100.00 sold to Bruce & Anita Taylor "The Hill' Kentucky NSW.


Top price Polled Ram lot no 4

4tooth Ram (QP 111) $1,900:00 sold to Jim & James Ferguson "Tarban" Tenterfield NSW.

High volume buyers Steve & Robyn Johnston





Picture of Steve & Robyn Johnston "Oakhurst" Deepwater NSW. David Watson & Steve Highlands of Bayer, major sponsor.

David & family would like to thank all the successful purchasers, underbidders and supporters of the sale.


Bendigo: 2012 Australian Sheep & Wool Show & Sale 20th to 23rd July

GB 20 1st place restricted superfine Ram 6tooth & over.

SOLD: $1,500.00 Robert Campbell Deepwater NSW.

Woolcut 10kg

Armidale Housed Ram Sale 5th & 6th February 2013

QP 133 1st place restricted finewool section 

GSB 200 2nd place restricted fine/medium section

GSB 199 3rd place restricted fine/medium section

SOLD: GSB 200 $3,250.00 Bruce & Anita Taylor “The Hill” Kentucky NSW.


On Property Ram Sale Thursday 14th February 2013

SOLD: 50 out of 80 Rams offered

Top price Horned Ram  Lot 39 BY 122 $1,400.00 sold to Ricky McCowen “Rocky Abbey” Deepwater NSW.

Top priced Poll Ram  Lot 3 BP 98 $1,200.00 sold to Richard & Barry Tonkin “Romani” Kingstown NSW.



Volume buyer Gavin & Melanie Thorpe “Merinda Park” Armidale NSW, purchased 9 Rams

Ricky McCowen & Gavin Thorpe below

David & family would like to thank all the successful purchasers, underbidders and supporters of the sale. 


Gavin & Melanie Thorpe Volume buyers from  "Auburn Vale" Delungra NSW.

Steve & Robyn Johnston from "Oakhurst" Tenterfield NSW.


Top priced Rams: Lot 7 ALC 44 $1000.00 Jim & James Ferguson from "Tarban"  Tenterfield NSW.

Lot 6 BY 133 $1000.00 Peter & Glenda Rowbottom "New Park" Armidale NSW.

Lot 1 MRP 39 $1000.00 Gavin & Melanie Thorpe "Auburn Vale" Delungra NSW.




Jim, David, Graeme & James with Lot 2 AP 45 & Lot 7 ALC 44                      David with Gavin with Lot 1 MRP 39          



12th February 2015 Sale results:

Offered 49 sold 33

Top price $1,300.00 3 buyers

Jim & James Ferguson "Tarban" Tenterfield

     Jeff Strudwick "Rowena" Kingstown

Peter Rowbottom "New Park" Armidale

Volume buyer Bruce & Anita Talyor

"The Hill" Kentucky.

Average of the sale $1,017.00




Left Jim & James Ferguson with Graham Andrews & David Watson.

Right Peter Rowbottom with Graham Andrews & David Watson.









2015 Ram Sale @ Eastview Estate

David & Tina would like to thank all our clients, bidders & undebidders for their support. A big thank you to Steve from Bayer our major sponser & Lyn & Steve Dobson from Eastview Estate.

2018 Ram Sale. Jim  Ferguson top priced Ram. Graham Andrews with Tina & Sophie Watson.

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