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Mudgee Director


Sire:  Merrryville Ringmaster Superior 12th


Dam:  Glanna SB4F Family


Age:  2.5 years (as at 3/04)


Woolcut:  9.7kg


Micron:  15.1


Description:  Extra Superfine Sire, very large old fashioned stud sire.


Price:  $30.00 (+GST) per dose



SBS 1 (Benny)


Sire:  Glanna Supreme Brilliant Special


Dam:  Glanna 2 Brilliant Jumbo


Age:  2 years (as at 11/08)


Woolcut:  12.5kg August shorn at 22 months of age


Micron:  16.3 AWTA Dubbo test. Weighing 105kg bare shorn


Description:  Very large, traditional finewool sire with a crimpy, bright, lustrous wool appearance


Price:  $30.00 (+GST) per dose






















MD 1 (Poppy)



Sire:  Mudgee Director


Dam:  GD 2 Ringmaster Superior 12th


Age:  18mths 


Woolcut:  8.9kg


Micron:  14.8


Description:  New Superfine Impact Sire Ram.


Price:  $30.00 (+GST)





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