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Ricky McCowan

"Rock Abbey" Deepwater NSW 2370


"Rock Abbey" is situated 5 kilometres east of Deepwater in good  woolgrowing traprock country. In 2005, David started classing Ricky`s flock and he immediately saw the advantages of classing the ewes into their skin types and then matching the right type of rams. A steady improvement of both improved wool qualities and increased woolcuts has seen the overall provability of Ricky`s  wool enterprise increase. This becomes even more apparent when analysing the figures Ricky supplies for his 2008/09 season. Even when experiencing poor season, the 

comparison is stunning. Prior to 2005/06 seasons shearing, Riki shore 8000 plus sheep including 4000 breeding ewes, 1500 2 tooths, 2800 hoggets cutting up to 100 bales of wool. Just a couple of seasons later in 2008/09, Ricky shore just 2500 sheep, including 1200 breeding ewes, 900 hoggets, 400 2 tooths cutting 60 bales of wool. Sheep per bale almost double the production.

Andrew & Matt Wilkinson

"Lilyfield Park"

Arding NSW 2359


"Lilyfield Park" is situated on heavy basalt country, improved and supered annually. A breeding trial was conducted in 2008 using 3 breeding groups of ewes all joined using one sire, a Maister`s Swamp ram purchased from the Jumbo heavy fine/medium family, cutting 8kg in only 9 months at 19.1u under paddock conditions. The Maister`s Swamp group were regarded as the lower graded ewes of the flock but the progeny still managed to be 0.4finer than the group average of 16.9 with a 15% higher group average greasy fleece weight which also had an improved deeper crimping style and softer handling. 

The 3 group hogget averages:

         2.86kg greasy fleece weight

                  16.9u average.




Graham & Fay Barwick

"Carellan" Kelvin via Gunnedah NSW 2380


"Carellan" is situated in a semi cropping region where the country is suited both to livestock and cropping. Graham first started using Maister`s Swamp rams 6 years ago, mainly using fine wool family rams. Graham`s previous wool representative had not seen Graham`s wool clip for the previous 4 years. On seeing this years ewes wool clip, he wanted to know what Graham had done to enormously improve the brightness and crimp definition in the wool in such a short period of time. Graham`s response was, "I have kept on using Maister`s Swamp rams." This has been vindicated by the recent 2009 Gunnedah wether trial. Graham`s Carellan Pastoral Company entries ranked 2nd with the following figures:                      

             Average woolcut 5.5kg

            Average micron 19.0 u

             Average  CV% 17.2 %

            Average yield 79.3%




Gary Ostini 


At the 2010 Mudgee ram sale, Gary purchased  the first son, P1, of the Maister`s Swamp sire "Poppy" who`s dam was a Maister`s Swamp GD 58 ultrafine family bred. P1`s micron at the sale was 16.6 and was sold for $1800. As P1 was being loaded, David mentioned to Gary that P1 was the first son of a new sire line that he had been developing at the stud and would he mind if he could tell him the results when P1 was shorn. Gary rang David  in the next few days stunned with the fact that P1 had cut 10Kgs, while Gary`s other ram purchases that year could only cut between 5 to 7Kgs. In addition, Gary was very impressed, stating, "P1 is the heaviest cutting ram he had ever purchased with simply magnificent wool quality which appears even better when shorn off the sheep." David explained to Gary that this wasn't the first time that a story like his had been experienced by a first time client.

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